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Published: 21 April 2022

21 April 2022

This is the latest update from our ISA survey colleagues in Kyiv and Odesa:

Nothing has changed since our last update regarding our surveying capabilities in Ukraine. Our surveyors can visit local locations within the city limits in Odessa, Kiev, Lviv. Transiting outside of these areas is not recommended. As far as we know the status of the Ukrainian ports is as follows:

Mariupil – destroyed

Kherson (Dnieper river) – occupied, non-operational, condition unknown

Mykolayiv (Yuzhny Bug river) – non-operational, risk of shelling

Yuzhny, Odessa, Chernomorsk (formerly Illyichevsk) – closed for shipping, only some local operations performed, risk of shelling

Izmail, Reni, Ust-Danube (Danube river bordering Romania) – operating


22 March 2022

This is the latest update from our ISA survey colleagues in Kyiv and Odesa:

"We confirm our readiness to render surveying services, however, realistically at present there is no possibility to travel across the country. What we can tentatively offer are physical inspections within the city limits in Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv where our surveyors are currently stationed. Any attempts to leave these cities will immediately be faced with unnecessary checks on block posts and/or safety issues.

We are discussing in-house our survey potential regularly and confirm to be able to attend loss locations as soon as accessible and/or required, as we presume some claims could also be handled on a remote documentary basis. In this regard, we would suggest that all new instructions continue to be submitted and if physical attendance or remote survey cannot be arranged, a stand-by list will be created to prioritize those inspections/assignments when local conditions permit.

As of now, the situation on the ground remains very tense as you might appreciate from various media reports which are accurate and very close to the reality in the country. Unfortunately, the city of Mariupol where Ukraine had one of its largest ports is almost destroyed to the ground by the Russian invasion.

I hope the above updates your records but please feel free to contact us anytime for more.

Thank you for your continued support."


7th March 2022

This is the latest update from our ISA survey colleagues in Kyiv and Odesa:

"Just a quick update. Our colleagues are all safe at present, one of our team has moved to Lviv and one other remains in Odessa. Most of the domestic insurers have moved their offices to Lviv. We have been in contact with the local insurers last week. All seems to be under control.

Every day brings something new in terms of conflict escalation in various parts of the country. We believe that the Russians dropped advancing or were significantly slowed down. Unfortunately, cities like Mariupol, Kherson (both are ports), and Kharkiv are suffering the most. Kyiv is lucky to have a few safety corridors, but the situation is very tense. It is generally believed that after consuming their novice forces in the first days they will now deploy more experienced resources but realistically they are all dependent on supplies that our forces are successfully downing. This week is going to be as important as the other days. We all are hoping for the best.

Thank you for supporting us."


1st March 2022

This is the latest update from our ISA survey colleagues in Kyiv and Odesa:

"As promised, a quick update, recap on the situation. At present all businesses, transportation is on hold. Many commercial properties including warehouses are destroyed. When all this is over, it is going to take months if not years until the business will reignite again or get access to any sort of restoration/evaluation actions, I am afraid. The major concern can be about buildings/stocks concentrated around Kyiv and along the Black Sea Coast where the fight was exceptionally fierce in the last few days. Port cities like Mariupol, Berdiansk, Kherson, Mykolaiv are under continued attacks from both sides. We know that Port in Berdiansk was hit by missiles. Odesa and ports of Yuzhny, Cheroots (formerly Eliches) are surprisingly quiet as of now but the situation is fragile and can start changing at any hour subject to the fighting currently held at the east (Mykolaiv) some 120 km from the area."


24th February 2022

Our ISA survey colleagues in Kyiv and Odesa are all safe. We are in continued contact. Since last night all ports are closed. No information about actual attacks, but lots of misinformation and fake news is circulating. Transportation inside the country is limited, WKW/ISA coverage is serviceable, but technical problems are being encountered.

More updates will follow as the situation develops further.

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